Complementary examinations: X-ray, ultrasound, blood tests, etc.

In order to make a diagnosis or a prognosis, it is sometimes necessary to call upon different complementary examinations.

Many are done with us, others require more specialized equipment or veterinarians. At that time, we work with specialized colleagues who will welcome you into their structure. This is the case for scanners, MRI, specialized ophthalmology consultations.

Radiology – Discovered more than 100 years ago, radiography retains an undeniable diagnostic interest in many areas of medicine. Radiography is a diagnostic examination that uses X-rays. From the same family as light rays, but with a shorter wavelength, X-rays have the property of being able to impress an X-ray plate, in the same way as light. , a photographic film. However, unlike the photo, the x-ray does not give an image of the body envelope.

As the X-rays pass through the material, the X-ray film can keep the impression and deliver the image of the internal anatomy! Depending on the organ x-rayed, the picture will be more or less blackened. Thus, on an x-ray, the bony structures, which absorb the radiation, will appear white and organs such as the lungs, black. Known for their property of penetrating matter, X-rays will also be quickly known for their harmfulness. It is therefore surrounded by the necessary security measures that these examinations are carried out. In most cases, this painless examination can be done without (or with light) sedation.

Ultrasound– Ultrasound is a diagnostic examination based on the use of ultrasound. Simple, painless and without harmful effects, this examination is used to explore the soft tissues. heart, abdomen, mass. In most cases, this painless examination can be done without (or with light) sedation.

Laboratory and microscopy. Most of the analyzes will be done immediately at the center day and night: microscopy (blood cytology, urine cytology, stool analyses, dermatological samples, parasitological examination, culture, etc.), blood analyses, urine analyses, cultures for identification and antibiogram. Some analyzes will be sent to the Bauduin laboratory and you will be invoiced directly by it.