Laser therapy

Laser: a new way to treat animal pain

Laser therapy is a new way to manage acute and chronic pain, inflammation and healing. Already often used in humans, animals are now also entitled to this treatment. It allows in many cases to reduce the intake of anti-pain medication.

How does the therapy work?

The animal does not need to be sedated, in fact this treatment does not cause any pain to your companion. You will be able to stay with your pet, only the glasses that we will provide you with will be mandatory in order to protect your eyes if the beam comes in their direction. The laser is placed in the necessary places and is passed over the whole area with a perpetual movement like a painter drawing his picture. The time of passage of the probe depends on the treatment and varies from 2 to 10 minutes depending on the area and the pathology. The first effects are often visible between 12 and 24 hours after the first session. The first sessions are generally done at 48 hour intervals the first week and will be spaced out thereafter. A short video from our colleagues in Paris :

Non-exhaustive examples of pathologies where the laser has shown its effects: osteoarthritis, gingivitis, wound healing, treatment of pain in general, tendonitis, otitis, etc.

The only contraindication: tumor phenomena.

How does the laser work?

The laser uses the wavelengths of light. The light will thus activate the metabolism of the cells, improving the transfer of nutrients to the cells. An increased production of ATP then follows allowing an improvement of the cellular functioning. During the treatment, blood circulation is increased in the treated area allowing for optimal healing. A video shows you in detail what happens at the cellular level:

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