Nutrition consultation

After taking a closer look at nutrition, we have come to the conclusion that we must feed our animals a balanced diet. Whether it is in the form of kibble, fresh bags or a household ration, food is essential to keep our animals in good health.
For us, the best is either a BALANCED home ration, prepared with good food and supplements or a high quality food in the form of kibbles (well transported and preserved (dry place and container emptied between each bag and cleaned)), fresh bags in sauce or in boxes.
We offer the center a wide range of high quality dry and wet foods.
Some owners prefer to give their dogs fresh food, but we do not advise against it as long as the ingredients of the home ration are of good quality and in optimal quantities (proteins, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fatty acids, etc.).

Si vous souhaitez cuisiner vous-même pour votre chien, nous pouvons composer avec vous les recettes idéales pour lui, délicieuses et sans carences en déterminant ses besoins caloriques journaliers exacts. Cost for several rations with various foods: 35€ (excluding consultations)

If your pet has a pathology, you can either choose the medical range in the form of croquettes, boxes and fresh sachets in sauce or make your own food. To prepare you this very specific ration, the Dr. Falmagne is supervised by a nutritionist, Dr. Estelle Lhoest. Cost: 112€.

You can call our Veterinary Assistants and make an appointment for a nutrition consultation with Dr. Falmagne at 02/3802492.