Is your cat drinking enough?

Most cats hardly drink at all. A cat should drink 50 mL per kg of body weight per day, which means that the average cat drinks 250 mL per day. It probably doesn’t sound like much to you, but cats generally drink very little, especially since most of them eat dry food.

My cat doesn’t drink enough, is that a problem?

Yes ! Cats are carnivores, which means that their diet contains a lot of protein, calcium and phosphorus. The kidney has difficulty filtering these substances, especially when the cat is not drinking enough and the kidney is not hydrated enough. This can lead to renal failure. In addition, these substances can stick together and form hard crystals. This can lead to kidney stones, but also stones in the bladder or urethra, which can completely block it. In this case, urine will accumulate in the bladder and kidney, leading to bladder rupture and kidney damage. Cats that don’t drink enough water are also more prone to ‘fecal impaction’ which is hard poop that clogs the digestive tract. This is very painful for the cat and causes severe constipation and can be fatal. So pay attention to the daily intake of your favorite companion and especially your geriatric cat.

But how to stimulate your cat to drink?

Cats love moving water, which is why most of them like to drink from the tap. There are also fountains that have the same effect. In old cats, also give soft food so that they take water with their food: but be careful to choose a quality food and low in fat because old cats have a fragile digestive tract, pancreas and liver. It is therefore necessary to take care of these organs. Another trick that works (almost) every time: put a little tuna juice in their water bowl, this is very appetizing and will make them want to drink! Remember also to put fresh water every day and fill the bowl to the brim or use larger bowls, your cat is sensitive to taste and smell and hates to put his head in the bowl given the sensitivity of his whiskers …

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