Behavioral consultation

Educational advice, behavioral and medication therapies for all behavioral pathologies.

Destruction, phobias, uncleanliness, aggressiveness, running away (in dogs), uncleanliness, depression, aggressiveness, self-mutilation, licking (in cats), parrot behavior disorders.
Behavioral consultations are by appointment only. They last about an hour. Behavioral consultations follow the identification of a behavioral problem during a consultation with me or with a general veterinarian who sends you on a “referral”.

The problems are there and you don’t know what to do:

  • The aggressive dog/cat/rabbit/ferret
  • Problems of cohabitation between dogs or cats
  • The dog that can’t stay alone
  • The barking dog
  • The messy dog/cat/rabbit
  • The destructive dog/cat (scratching)
  • The fearful animal
  • The depressing animal
  • The dog that turns after its tail
  • The dog that licks itself
  • The Runaway Dog
  • The thieving dog
  • The hyperactive dog
  • The pica of the parrot
  • The parrot that screams/bites etc.

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